2015: The Chosen One

After 5 years of being a stay at home parent I have finally broken free. Both children are now in preschool! I feel like there should be some epic soundtrack playing as I walk down the street, giving high fives to everyone I pass. It is a truly magical time. It’s only been 2 days. And I feel like I have been given the keys to the kingdom. I have been having fantasies about this. I have a shelf of unread books, an empty garden, a clean craft space, and no laundry for the moment. I have several hundred Pinterest pins. I have Netflix. I have time for myself for the first time in 5 years.



Calm Your Tits

Under today’s crushing migraine I really wanted to bash my head in or not just migraine reasons. I’m getting super tired of humans. I’m getting super tired of everyone feeling sad and lonely and angry. Everyone seems to be lashing More

Attainable Sustainable


If I had to pick one sentence to live life by? That would be it. More


So I am writing this more for me than for anyone else. I titled this Clickbait simply because I’m seeing a trend of people only clicking links that make them scream rage at their computers. In no way am I wanting my tiny pool of friends to hate me, but I really really am getting fucked ass tired of things. That being said, it has been a fuck of a summer. More

Something Personal



The Road So Far

*Acknowledges the hiatus from blogging…inserting self flogging and apologizing from being a goddamn performing monkey to you peons. Apologizing for calling you names.*


Fuck Your Resolutions.

Happy 2014 everyone! I know it’s almost a week in, but I figured I would take the time to give and update. The tail end of 2013 kind of felt like a crash and burn. There ended up being a lot of stress and emotional garbage but I won’t drag all that out. It sucked but we survived. Now we will continue to go boldly and weirdly into the future! More

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